CTDP's ChampionShipManager NX

CTDP's ChampionShipManager NX 2.3

This is a small tool which makes it easier to add seasons to rFactor
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Cars & Tracks Development Project

CTDP is a developing team famous for making great mods for F1 Challenge and rFactor. They focus mainly in Formula 1 Season mods; however, this time they made something different. With the amount of documentation about rFactor, the game is also famous for its community-made add-ons and utilities. So the guys at CTDP decided to make a tool that makes their, as well as our, lifes much easier when creating a season for rFactor. You can add as many seasons to rFactor as you want, and they won't cause problems or miss-matches online. The process is really simple: you just have to point where the rFactor directory is and the program gets all the information about it. Then you just select the types of cars for the season, and what pace car will run. The second step is selecting the point-scoring system, how many points for first, second, and all the other positions. The last step is just adding the tracks to the season, you can add any track as long as it is installed. Then the season is created. It is very simple, yet effective. If you like playing seasons in rFactor, get this program.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great and easy way to create a season


  • Some bugs with rFactor's .cfm files
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